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WeCharge offers revolutionary crowd based charging solution

Smartsocket with integrated payment will enable you to charge at every corner


01/14/2016 WeCharge is a universal electric charging system. It provides the necessary solution for the growing vehicle pollution and the electric transport opportunities all around the world. It makes refuelling of electric vehicles widely and conveniently available to help save the environment.

Conventional charging stations for BEVs are normally unnecessarily big and heavy. Their installation requires a lot of space and money. This makes it difficult for smaller companies to provide a public charging point, even though they might have the space to do so. The low amount of available chargers and their high cost lead to unnecessarily high power costs.

Small, but complete in every detail

WeCharge on the other hand, minimizes the cost, by combining key technologies to make it as small and inexpensive as possible. It can be easily installed anywhere people park their BEVs. This might be a shop beside the road, the parking space of a small café or the parking lot of a super market.

Everything can be controlled with a smartphone App. The WeCharge Server takes care of every charging and payment in the background. It controls the sockets, calculates the used electricity use, and everybody gets their fair share. Even the payment is transferred automatically. There is no need for any staff, card, coin. Just a few clicks and everyone is happy.

Sharing is the new power

Sharing is the new trend. Be it your car, your bedroom or now your electricity supply. It’s a win-win. This efficient way of balancing supply and demand has a dramatic, positive effect on the way we move and live. This will also apply on the supply and demand of electricity. By sharing the access to the energy grid, WeCharge is the ideal solution for this new issue.

WeCharge is now on kickstarter. We need your help to gain traction, and to get the funds necessary to make our project a reality. Infrastructure projects are notoriously expensive to realize and this is no exception.


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Running until: 08/02/2016

Media Contact: Andreas Felsl,


Winner of the Helen Hamlyn Design Awards

Winner of INSPIRED PRODUCTS award from SustainRCA Awards 2015


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