Our team is truly global. This gives us fundamental advantage in achieving the best solutions. We are at home in Switzerland, Taiwan, Germany and Hong Kong. Making stuff and solving problems is our daily bread.

Yu-Lin, Andi, Markus, Billy, CC Lee, Jack, Tzuyu, Clemens, Tony
Yu-Lin, Andi, Markus, Billy, CC Lee, Jack, Tzuyu, Clemens, Tony

Yu-Lin Chen: Considering his night-working superpowers one might think Yulin is a software nerd. Nope… he’s an ambitious, young industrial designer. Graduating from Royal College of Art, he snatched the highly coveted Helen Hamlyn Design Awards with “WeCharge” before starting his career.

Andreas Felsl: CEO of B-Labs AG, eternal visionary, hard-core innovator and IP expert. Co-Founder of SiteOS software, Bionicon bicycles, the BrandCloud, HORAGE watches and a lot more. Connecting dots where others do not see any. (LinkedIn | Facebook)

Markus Lindstedt: Is not Swiss but you could call him the Swiss army knife of engineering. Ask him something, often he knows a solution, if not he will find one pretty soon. His creative day usually starts with a dog walk, a poppy seed pastry and a decent brew.

Billy Yan: Our lead software engineer with many years of experience in large-scale application development across borders and cultures. Likes to walk the Appalachian trail and once in a while you’ll find him knee deep in the Japanese powder snow. (Facebook)

CC Lee: App development – runner, road cyclist and Chinese dumpling maker

Jianhua Wang: Software engineer – Diving deep into the code …

Jack Hsu: Former Vice President of engineering at Foxconn and our window to large-scale manufacturing, the critical voice when things do not move fast enough.

Tzuyu Huang: Our beloved boss – manufacturing and supply chain expert – chief strategist and star chef

Clemens Maucksch: The moviemaker and animation guru – Ski and cycling nerd

Tony Wu: Founder of Enertron Technology – electrical engineer with decades of experience in firmware and hardware development

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